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Stay in North Goa

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

The main spots we'd suggest from individual involvement with north Goa are Ashwem and Panjim. This shouldn't imply that that other great choices are not accessible, yet these are the ones we are cheerful suggesting in light within recent memory there.

Where to remain in Ashwem

One of our number one things from our time in North Goa was our visit at Yab Yum Resort. Yab Yum is a lovely eco resort set behind Ashwem ocean side, in grounds canvassed in vegetation and influencing palms. Each room is a "cabin" - however there's nothing unsteady about these ones. Affectionately formed out of neighborhood mud and canvassed in a customary cover of palm leaves, the impact is remaining in a feeding casing that is cooling yet warm and simple simultaneously. The hotel involves neighborhood produce for its delightful dinners.

The ocean side of Ashwem hushes up in contrast with encompassing sea shores in North Goa: promptly in the first part of the day we had the sea shores simply to ourselves - and the nearby ocean side canines who came up and licked our countenances during our morning reflection! One of the features for us was the day to day yoga at Yab Yum.


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